Sunday, March 29, 2009

Studio Tour: Robin Beth

Let me introduce you to my studio. Where all the letterpress fun gets done. It is a pretty decent sized space considering it is a home studio.

Here is my press. It is a 42 year old Vandercook SP-15. Lot of muscles have gotten quite toned up working at this press.

Here is a close up of the open closet storage. Stacks of card stocks and messy inks.

Ribbons galore. It is so much fun to play with all of these samples when creating a custom design.

My inspiration board. Actually, it is a French bulletin board that I made myself and it mostly has all the personal cards and other things that I have made for family and friends.

My main work table. The largest Ikea table top I could find with adjustable legs.

A miscellaneous area with a table, lamp and several displays that were used in my booth at last year's National Stationery Show. I wish my whole studio could be decorated as nicely as my booths have been, but I find it very difficult to keep it uncluttered for very long. It seems like I am constantly bringing more boxes of supplies and paper in this room and can never believe how I make it all fit. It was a challenge taking photographs that did show too much of the clutter. I hope you enjoyed this little tour.

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  1. I love seeing other people's studios! Thanks so much for sharing.


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