Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pattern Play

photo credit: shimmer studio

I love seeing pattern as the predominant design element so I thought I would do a post featuring stationery and some gift wraps that are all about pattern!

photo credit: fin + roe
The two notcards above are from fin + roe and are completely customizable! You can choose the colors and even the patterns! Lots of beautiful choices. The notecard on the left is the Monogram Notecard and can be customized and purchased here. The notecard on the right is the Rowan Notecard and can be completely customized including a name or a message and you can purchase that here.

photo credit: feterie
The two giftwrap designs above are by feterie and feature some fabulous patterns and are hand screenprinted. These will brighten up any gift and are perfect for spring or any occasion. The giftwrap on the left is called Lemon Vendome and can be purchased here. The giftwrap on the right is called Poppy Fleur and can be purchased here.

photo credit: Oslo Press
Above are two wedding suite designs by Oslo Press and they feature laser engraved wood invitations in combination with letterpress envelopes and reply cards. I love the combination of materials and techniques. The suite on the left is called Mod and was inspired by the bold graphics of the 1960's — learn more about Mod here. The suite on the right is called Scroll and you can learn more here.

– dana [shimmer studio]

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