Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not blue, not brown.

I have some new Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation designs in the works for later on this year and have been really thinking about different color combinations for the boys.  I was thinking back to all the Bar Mitzvah invitations I have done recently and with a few exceptions, they all seem to have navy or brown in them, including my own son's invitation.  So I can't help thinking, what can we do to spice that up a little and get more creative.  Here are a few that I have done that do not have navy or brown.

Red, black and gold

Gray and silver

Black and gold

Here are a few more color combinations I am working on for the new designs.  Do you think they work for a boy?

This one is teal and gray.

This one is dark red and orange.

How else would you think outside the box for colors for a boy?

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