Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Funny and Unique RSVPs

Even though wedding invitations tend to be more formal, the RSVP is one place you can have a little fun, particularly if your invitation is already infused with your personality. Here are some fun RSVPs that might peak your creativity!

From Lasso'd Moon Designs

Yes, that does save "evil pony" and yes, it was a real, biting pony (and a long-standing family joke)

From Brown Sugar Design:

I would have loved to see how that was filled out!

and from Robin Beth Designs:

This is great because it leaves space for the guests to write their own notes. I remember loving it when I was getting married and the guests wrote little notes about how excited they were to come. The notes will make a great keepsake.

Whatever your wedding style, don't be afraid to inject a little humor into it. It's a good way to show your guests how much fun they're going to have (or miss, due to biting evil ponies).

{Carey, Lasso'd Moon Designs}

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