Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Table Cards Today: Anything But By The Numbers

Today's weddings are all about personalization. When planning your wedding you will quickly discover that there a myriad of ways in which you can put your personal stamp on your special day. Take, for instance, your table cards. Once merely small numbered cards which served as a way for guests to identify which table they were suppose to sit at at the reception, today's table cards have evolved into yet another way for a couple to put their unique spin on their wedding day.

For starters table cards no longer have to contain just numbers. Nowadays it is common for brides and grooms to name versus number their tables. Getting married at a vineyard ? Perhaps you could use cards like the above from Fleur Creations, which feature names and descriptions of different wines. Did you fall in love in New York? Why not name your tables after different neighborhoods or special spots in the Big Apple (below, also from Fleur Creations).

If you’re more of a traditionalist and want to stick to a numbering system, you can still make your table cards stand out. If you have a common motif or color scheme running through your stationery suite why not have your stationer design table cards that incorporate these elements? Maybe include the cherry blossom design from your invitations and menu cards, or the personalized monogram, logo or font you are utilizing elsewhere. You could also design table cards which incorporate pictures of you two as couple or as kids.

You can also make your table cards stand out, by how you display them. Most venues provide small metal stands for table cards, but it is also common nowadays for brides to use their own picture frames, small easels, or other unique holders to display their table cards. Just keep in mind that whatever type of holder you utilize it’s important to give the correct measurements to your stationer so that they design your cards so that they fit into the holder properly. You don’t want to be trimming off the top of your “5" the night before your wedding so that it will fit into the cute Pottery Barn frame.

Again it’s all about making your table cards reflect you two as a couple. Think of what you two are all about and start brainstorming ideas. Here are some other ideas I came up with, but would love to hear from you as well. So if you have a great idea please comment here and share!

Winter Wedding: Use small snow globe picture frames to frame your table card numbers.

Film Buffs: Frame headshots of old movie stars and name each table after a star. Clark Gable Table anyone?

Beach Lovers: Name your tables after famous beaches. Get small metal buckets, fill them with sand, and stick a paper flag in each which displays the beach name.

Wine Connoisseurs: Have your stationer design labels to stick to wine bottles, and make the wine bottles your table card holders.

Disney Lovers: Name your tables after the different lands of Disney, after certain rides, or famous Disney Couples. Incorporate pictures with each name.

Sports Fanatics: Name your tables after your favorite teams or players. For the players utilize their jersey numbers as well as their names.

History Buffs: Name your tables after famous (or infamous) couples in history.

Travel Fiends: Name your tables after various countries or cities you have traveled to and include pictures of you two at the locations. Use pieces of old maps as your mats in the frames.

Far East Theme: Paste table numbers to Japanese fans or Chinese Lanterns

-Diane, Shakespeare's Bride

All photos courtesy Fleur Creations.

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