Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Place cards, Escort Card and Butler Cards, Oh My!

Not all weddings require place cards or escort cards. But do you? Do you know the difference?

If you are concerned about where guests will sit (maybe Grandma doesn't get along with Aunt Margery and they might thrown down if stuck at the same table), or need to let your caterers know who should get the chicken and who should get the beef, using place and escort cards can make life much simpler. They do mean a bit of extra work for you before the wedding, but in the end, you'll be glad you avoided any family fights.

While typically all of these little cards end up being called place cards, there is a difference. Escort cards are usually set out at a separate table, with guests' names and table numbers directing them where to go. Place cards usually are set out right at the table and are more for assigned seating. These usually accompany a seating chart so the guests know which table to go to. Both cards can do double duty however, particularly in the event that you are having a plated dinner. If you have asked on your RSVP card who exactly wants which meal, you can denote this with a little symbol or certain color card at the table (#5 is a good example). This way, it eliminates the servers need to ask, and also takes the guess work out of it for your guests who might not remember if they chose chicken or beef. These are also sometimes refered to as Butler Cards.

If you know you're going to need these, your stationer can coordinate your cards with the rest of your invitation ensemble. It's also a good idea to let her know in the beginning so that she can schedule you in. Check with your stationer about the best format for submitting your information, particularly if you want to have your guests names and tables printed directly on the card.

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3 & 5- Custom Programs
4 & 7 Lasso'd Moon Designs
6- Paper Stories Letterpress

~Carey @ Lasso'd Moon Designs

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  1. I especially like the little rooster image on the place cards. Very clever!


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