Friday, January 16, 2009

Reader Question: Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

Got a stationery related question? We've got answers! After our reader Micah read Molly of Artful Sentiment's posts on thank you cards, she contacted Molly with some follow-up questions. We were thrilled that Molly was able to put Micah's mind at ease, and would love to help more readers. Check out their exchange below, and if you have your own stationery related questions, please write us .

I have a question, if you don't mind. I was just thrown a bridal shower with over 50 guests and 11 hostesses. Half of the hostesses I had never met, and half of the ones I had never met were not even at the shower. I have no idea how to word thank you cards for the hostesses, especially the ones I do not know that were not at the shower. Thank you for hosting? Thank you for wanting to be a part of the most special time in my life?

Also, How do I keep from copying the same thing for each hostess? What if they compare notes and the sentiments are too similar?

Thanks for any advice you can give, because I've been stressing myself out for the last week about this.


Micah, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It sounds like you have a lot of lovely family and friends wanting to make your whole experience special. I have a few thoughts on your hostess thank you notes. You can thank them for being generous with their time and talents in hosting such a lovely event. If you know of any of their specific contributions, you should hightlight them. For example, if they worked on invitations or decorations, let them know how special those were. That will help you to send different notes to each hostess. For those that didn't attend, and that you don't know, express how you are looking forward to meeting them (at the wedding, perhaps?). Another tip I use whenever I'm writing... I use the thesaurus endlessly. There are some words I just adore, so I use them often, but the thesaurus really helps when I want to say something a little different...

Oh, and one more thing. Breathe... this shouldn't be stressful!

-Stationery Guide Molly of Artful Sentiments

You have made it all seem wonderfully easy- thank you! And here I was, not utilizing that is blatantly poised in my search toolbar!


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