Friday, August 27, 2010

Reader Question: What's the Best Format for Multiple Ceremony Invitations?

I'm having trouble finding the right wording for my wedding invitation. My fiance is Hindu and I'm Catholic, so we're having a 2-day ceremony in Costa Rica! Friday is the Hindu Ceremony which will be the more casual affair and followed by dinner. Saturday is the Catholic ceremony and will be more formal, followed by cocktails, dinner and dancing. All of you guests will be invited to both ceremonies. I'm not sure how to word the events on the invitation without being too wordy or it looking crowded, and I would prefer to avoid doing 2 separate inserts....please help!

Stationery Guide Cathe of Feterie suggests doing a double sided invitation that lists all of the events, starting with Friday.

Stationery Guide Carey of Lasso'd Moon suggested a gatefold invitation. This would allow you 6 printed panels (one for Friday, Saturday, Reception Info and then directions or other info your guests might need), so that each event could have its own section. You could have it designed so that when folded your names and date are on the front, and then when opened, the other info would be on the inside.

Don't forget to use your RSVP to figure out who is coming to what.

Best of luck and thanks for writing in!

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