Thursday, July 2, 2009

Journals Away

I will freely admit to my crazy love of moleskine journals and I will repeat it regularly to anyone who will listen. I found etsy artists who print their designs onto moleskine covers — yay! Take a peek at some of my current favorites.

(Click on the pictures to go directly to the etsy listings)

photo credit: Laurie Nadeau * ouou design
How darling is this little illustration? And there's a monkey! Gocco printed onto little moleskine journals. By Laurie Nadeau * ouou design.

photo credit: Supastarr
The above journal is an original illustration by Supastarr and features hand silkscreened green sprouts.

photo credit: two guitars
This moleskine is also Gocco printed. Love the "do work." By two guitars.

dana {shimmer studio}

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