Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Show Me the PURPLE (wedding invitations, that is)

Purple is a hot color this year for weddings and wedding invitations- here are some beautiful purple invitations from around the stationery-sphere:

From Bride Design- stunning letterpress invitations with a custom geometric border and a coordinating pocketfold

From Brown Sugar Design: The invitation was foil-embossed on metallic purple paper . The additional pieces were offset printed in deep purple ink on thick white cardstock.

From Tulaloo- a deep purple folder with a custom bright lime green swirly design.

From Oslo Press- their beautiful "Garden" design letterpressed in a lavender ink-

From Lasso'd Moon Designs (left) Two coordinating shades of purple topped with a soft white cardstock and font to match the bottom purple. On the right- an eco-friendly gatefold made with lavender plantable paper, with the invitation being layered in deep purple and soft white. Custom drawn maps were printed on coordinating lavender metallic paper.

The beauty of purple, and all of its many shades is that it goes with tons of colors- orange, greens, silver, black... the sky is the limit when designing with this color.

~Carey, Lasso'd Moon Designs
All designs are copyrighted by their creators.

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