Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Things

If you have seen any of my previous posts, you must know that my lines of invitations are quite expensive. Often, I have had stores and their customers tell me, "Your designs are beautiful, but they are not in my price range." Which I certainly understood when I created them. But in these shaky economic times, I knew that I wanted to give brides some additional options. I knew that I could create a line that still has that fabulous look, but at a more economical price. I actually started planning this line last May, way before the economic downturn was readily apparent. While it still may be beyond some budgets, I knew that it didn't take silk ribbons and five layers to have great design, so I went to work and tried to make sure that I had fabulous designs in a much lower price range than my current line. So while there aren't many layers, ribbons or embellishments, there is still beautiful letterpress printing on luxurious cotton cardstocks. Often in fabulous two color combinations. And these designs can be customized to make them very economical. Most of the designs can be printed in one color with your choice of several different sizes. I will be launching the new line at the National Stationery Show in May and they will be in stores soon after that. With that, I would like to give you a sneak peak at Robin Beth's "The New Classic" wedding invitation line.

Thanks for looking.  --Robin Beth


  1. DIscovered your blog! I heart all things stationery and this is a great resourceful blog!

  2. Just wanted to pipe up and say I love the new layout! Well done!

  3. My favorite is the invitation with "estelle and christian." Love the hand drawn botanicals in that deep red and the modern sans-serif font. Gorgeous.


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