Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monograms: Why not brand your personal event?

Everyday corporate branding can be seen everywhere, so it's not a surprise to think about how to brand your own special event? Afterall, it'll tie everything together for a neat, well-thoughtout look and feel.

Wedding monograms have been en vogue for quite some time and it's wonderful to see how much fun can be added to the flavor of the event's stationery. From simple and modern to fun... there's definitely enough style to go around that will fit every nearlywed couple's dream day and it doesn't have to end when the wedding is over. You can even extend it to the morning after brunch as well and use it for the Thank You cards.

{Modern & Simple Monogram from Bride Design}

{Fun and Event-Inspired Monogram from Feterie}

{Ornate and Iconic Monograms from Lucky Designs}

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