Tuesday, February 10, 2009

trends: cupcakes

In honor of my birthday today, I thought I would do a little post about something I love... the cupcake. Ever since the gals on Sex and the City headed down to Magnolia Bakery in NYC, cupcakes have been everywhere; both the edible and inedible kind. Here are just a few of the paper variety...

And lastly, for those spontaneous birthday celebrations, if you have one of these 5 minute candle packs by Poketo on hand, just break off a candle and stick it in a cupcake. Instant party!

~Kelly, Paper Stories


  1. happy birthday! it's mine too. feb 10 rocks!

  2. woo hoo for aquarians!

    2/10 DOES rock!

  3. Happy Birthday, Kelly! Love the cupcake post.

  4. Happy Birthday Kelly! And thanks for sharing those Poketo candle packs. Too cool! Hope your day was great.

  5. Happy happy birthday! Great post. xo

  6. What a fun post, Kelly. Happy birthday to you!!


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