Thursday, February 12, 2009

invitation alternatives :: fill-ins & imprintables

let's face it. while having custom made invitations and announcements made for special occasions like weddings or the birth of a baby is great, sometimes that sort of thing isn't in the budget for certain events like a cocktail party, family barbeque, or bridal shower. this is where two great alternatives come into play.

the first are fill-in invitations. this is the type of invitation (or announcement) that has the pre-printed "who:, what:, where:, when:, why:" information ready for you to plug in your information, stamp, and send on it's way. super simple solution and typically super affordable.

for those of you who are more confident with typing up the wording for your invitation in word processing software, an imprintable gives you more flexible options in that you can write whatever you want, wherever you want! some companies even offer the option to do the custom printing for you. (for a fee of course) so while it's not a custom design, it is customized to your special event.

1. fondu fill-in invitation. in-vita paper studio :: available soon.
2. new puppy fill-in announcements. marzipan inc. (available at shades of violet) :: $6.00/box of 10 (sale price)
3. sophisticated sun party custom printed invitations. rock scissor paper :: $24/box of 10
4. shower invites. available as fill-in or imprintable marzipan inc. (available at shades of violet):: $7.50/box of 10 (sale price)

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