Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seating Charts!

Seating Charts are a fabulous way to direct guests to a particular table without using a lot of paper. Often, they are almost works of art that you could hang on your wall after. But do you need one? If you want to assign tables, but not seating, a chart is a great way to go. Your stationer may be able to design you one that will match your invitation suite:


In the first example, we used a monogram/damask design on not only the invitations, table cards and place cards, but on the seating chart as well. The bride used a very different theme of green and blue- each table was named after a different shade of the color (Celadon, Peacock, etc) and then the table cards were printed in the opposite shade. The images from Blush Paperie incoroporate a pretty flourish design throughout that bride's menus, seating chart and table numbers.

Seating Charts can take a few weeks to complete. One, typically because there are many names involved (and no one wants to spell Grandma's name wrong), seating assignments change quickly and there's just a lot of room for error. And, not all stationers have the ability to print them in house as typically they are a wider format than most stationer's have in-house, so this can add to your turn-around time as well. If you do think you'll need a seating chart, mention it to your stationer in your initial consultation so that you can be sure to have plenty of time to complete it.

~Carey, Lasso'd Moon Designs

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  1. Love the idea of naming the tables after different shades of the wedding colors. Brilliant!


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