Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Dazzling Walk-Unique Aisle Runners

Years ago aisle runners were used to prevent guests from tracking in mud and dirt into the church before the bride arrived. These plain white runners or dirt catchers were then removed and the bride would walk down the aisle. Although the days of dirt roads are gone brides still hold onto this timeless tradition but with a bolder and more edgy style!
The first time a groom sees his bride walking down the aisle, is considered one of the most dramatic and breathtaking moments of the wedding day. So, why not choose a runner that not only complements this momentous occasion but highlights and illuminates the bride as well!
Colored runners add a splash of dramatic color that is sure to accentuate the bride in her white gown as she takes the “walk of her life”! Today’s runners are artistic creations, usually hand painted and highlighted in a hue of colors to give depth and definition to the design. Couples can choose to use their monogram and wedding date, a love quote or a passage from scripture to help set the tone of their event. Couples are even choosing to add extra detail and drama to the runner by incorporating the use of crystals creating a dazzling and dramatic look!
But just because you are done walking down the aisle doesn’t mean that the runners’ job is over! I usually recommend to couples that they have their coordinator or someone gather the runner after the ceremony and transport it to the reception hall. Here, the runner can be quickly cut down and draped either on the “sweetheart table” or cake table for that extra special touch.
I also suggest to the couples that after the wedding they frame the monogrammed portion of their runner and include other special sentiments from their wedding such as: their invitation, garter or handkerchief creating a “shadow box” for display in their new home!

So a runner that helps to highlight one of the most important parts of the wedding day can be carried through and used in many other ways and eventually be a wonderful reminder of that sacred union!
~Maria, Fleur Creations
All images Courtesy of Fleur Creations

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