Monday, December 22, 2008

Personalized Stationery for Babies and Children

As a stationer I get a fair amount of requests for personalized baby and children's stationery. The average infant or kid might not need letterhead, but as a mother myself, I can attest to the fact that note cards definitely do come in handy. I frequently give correspondence cards, like the ones pictured above, as a gift to new Moms. Complete with the name of their new arrival and an illustration reflecting the baby's budding personality, these cards are perfect for the necessary thank you notes one writes after receiving all those welcome home, baptism or bris gifts. For a special touch you can further personalize the stationery by matching its theme or colors to the baby's nursery. Stationery also makes a great 1st birthday gift, and I always get a chuckle when I receive a thank you note on the very cards that were part of my present to the birthday boy or girl.

Older children who are just starting to write love to choose the color of their note cards, as well as a theme or style that suits them. Animals, princess crowns, fairy wands, trucks, soccer balls, and flowers are some of the most popular choices I see on a regular basis. It's never too early to encourage a love for the art of letter writing, and kids enjoy mailing off their cards to grandparents and far away friends. The style and colors might change, but stationery is still useful for school-aged kids and "tweens" as well. Whether it's a note sent home from sleep-away camp asking Mom and Dad for more treats, or a quick end of the year thank you to their teacher, I think you'll find personalized stationery is something no kid or parent will want to live without.

~Erin, Bride Design

Photos courtesy of Bride Design (top) and Jitterbug Stationery (bottom)


  1. Actually I might use something like this and I'm pretty old . . .

  2. Personalized stationery is truly alluring, I find it savvy and heartwarming.


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