Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bridal Showers: Invitation for Brunch

My mom hosted my bridal shower at a really cute small restaurant in Greenwich Village. It was the perfect choice for us because we had guests coming in from Westchester, New York city and New Jersey. She chose a Sunday brunch because everyone loves brunch! Most people will be available mid day on a Sunday and the food is light and delicious and fun, especially if you serve mimosas too. 

A party at a restaurant is super easy to host. Arrange in advance to have pretty flowers or something else decorative on the tables. Talk to the owner or manager about the menu for the party and also decide on a fun dessert or arrange to have them serve a cake that you bring in yourself.

The invitation should include all the details: 
who the party is for
that this is for a Bridal Shower
when it will be
where it will be
who is hosting
how to reply and by when - this can be by phone or email
optional: where the bride is registered and a theme for the party

Send the invitations out 3 to 4 weeks in advance and have guests reply by 1 week before the party so you can finalize your arrangements.

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