Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bridal Shower Stationery

After the bridal shower you're going to want to write thank you notes. There are lots of great options for stationery. Here are a few tips...

Choose some glittery fun and pretty thank you cards to make the note writing just a little bit easier. Maybe use a matching gel pen too to make the thank you notes perfect and extra beautiful. See if you can find postage stamps that coordinate in some way to the stationery, matching a color, a theme, or just find one that you like. Think of it as an accessory for the envelope!

You'll want to send an extra special thank you to the hostess of your bridal shower. Let her know how very much you appreciate all that she did to make the party so wonderful and of course, thank her for her love and friendship.

Personalized stationery is a good choice too, and if it matches the shower invitations, even better. The thank you should come from you, not you and your fiance, unless it was a combined bridal shower. And save your new last name (if you'll be changing it) for after the wedding ceremony. Until then, use your maiden name. 

I think that about covers it. Enjoy this beautiful time in your life!


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