Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue and Brown for Baby Boys

Perfect baby colors are not always soft pale blues and pinks, yellows and greens. Add some more sophisticated colors to the mix and you'll be amazed at how it works for a newborn baby and for you too. For your adorable baby boy, pair baby boy blue with brown and you've got a classic combination that looks perfect for your baby boy.

Do this in the nursery too. You'll have a more modern nursery and include colors that you'll love even a year later. I know! You won't have to repaint the nursery so soon! If you choose colors that your baby can grow up with everything is easier and looks fresh longer.

Look to what you love right now and find a way to do that for your baby too. You'll both love it!
{evy jacob}

photo credits: pottery barn kids, evy jacob

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