Monday, January 12, 2009

Flower Power Baby Shower

Baby Shower {A Recipe}

So you are hosting the baby shower! How fun! Here's the recipe for a successful shower.

Decide if an evening shower with light bites is best or maybe a weekend party would be better. Do you want to serve desserts or lunch?

Get the guest list from the lucky girl who is being celebrated to be sure to include her closest friends and relatives. Select invitations that fit the style or theme of the shower. For example, let's say you want to go with a flower theme, next choose a bright and modern invitation or maybe a fresh and lovely invitation. Both flowers, both colorful, but very different from each other. Send the invitations out 3 or 4 weeks ahead to give everyone time to plan to be there.

Have some fresh flowers here and there to decorate the setting for the party. You don't need to do anything too elaborate. This party is all about the mom-to-be. Set up a table to pile on the pretty presents on. And get a couple of bunches of flowers, fill some vases with them for a look of casual abundance. Or get a whole bunch of the same flower, for example gerberas, and put one stem each in lots of little cups. I love both looks. Sometimes I do a combination of both ideas, I fill a vase with flowers but hold back two stems. These individual flowers each get their own small vase and I group all three together - the larger vase with the two smaller vases right next to it.

I love the idea of a colorful signature drink at this party, but non-alcoholic so the guest of honor can enjoy it too! Pomegranate Citrus Juice is beautiful, colorful and delicious. Perfect for the occasion. Maybe have some prosecco or champagne for those who'd like to add a splash to their juice cocktail.

The menu could be several lovely bites of things. How about: mini quiches and little vegetable tarts, or maybe little sandwiches filled with chicken salad, turkey and cheese, mozzarella and tomato. For something sweet: bowls of strawberries, dishes of chocolates and cupcakes (of course!).

You don't need to have a full blown theme to make this party special and beautiful. And you don't need to plan shower games, unless you want to! This recipe will result in a truly perfect shower and you won't believe how easy it will be to host this event. So relax and enjoy!

{evy jacob}

photo credits: evy jacob

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