Friday, January 16, 2009

Eco Friendly Paper: PCWhat?

So what exactly does recycled paper mean? The answer isn't really that simple. First of all, when a paper mill recycles it's scraps of unused, never been used paper to make new paper, that's recycled paper. And it's always better to re-use than to throw out things that can be made useful. So recycled paper is a good thing.
Even better is recycled paper that is at least 30% PCW. What? PCW stands for Post Consumer Waste and that is the used paper that we throw into our recycle bins. All that used paper is recycled and ends up fresh and new and use-able again. So 100% recycled paper that is 30% PCW is so much better than simply recycled paper. And even better than that is 100% PCW paper.
Many stationery designers have been looking for ways to use eco-friendly paper as much as possible and so paper manufacturers are responding by creating beautiful papers for us to choose. So we're finding it easier to create beautiful and eco-friendly stationery for you. And that's great news for all of us.

{evy jacob}

photo credits: evy jacob

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