Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bridal Shower - Orange Theme

Okay, let's talk bridal showers. It's so nice to have a bridal shower for the couple. But instead, you'll call it a wedding shower. And now the groom can share in the fun and the celebration too.

No problem including elements like beautiful pinks and flowers. But add a bit of masculine too. For example, in the invitation above, I combined soft pink with fresh orange in the design and then added a chocolate brown for the text. Perfectly lovely for a wedding shower.

I always love to carry the color theme for the event through from the invitation to the party decor and your party dress. Celebrate with a Sunday brunch or lunch, keep things light and easy and the party will be perfect. Oh, and cupcakes are always a good idea!

{evy jacob}

photo credits: evy jacob, teleflora, j.crew


  1. Love your idea of carrying your color or "look" right through to your party dress. My sister did for her shower and I thought it was a nice touch. Great post.


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