Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bat Mitzvah Save the Date Cards

Do you need a save the date for your bar or bat mitzvah? Not really, unless...
You will be inviting guests from out town who may need to plan for the time off, or purchase plane tickets, or reserve hotel rooms.
You know that there will be lots of things going on around the time of the bar or bat mitzvah and you want to let everyone know to put your event on their calendars.
Your super excited and just want to get things going as soon as possible.

When should you send the save the dates?
Generally, the rule of thumb is 6 months ahead of the event. But lots of families choose to send them out 9 months ahead, just to give everyone plenty of time to make their arrangements.

What information should you include?
Certainly the child's name and the date of the upcoming bar or bat. Maybe you could also include some information about the hotel so that reservations may be made. It's nice to include information about what to expect that weekend like Shabbat dinner plans, a Sunday brunch, things like that. This may be printed on the back of the save the date or on a smaller card and included as an insert.

The actual invitations should be mailed out 6 weeks before the big day and that gives most guests plenty of time to plan to be there. But save the dates are good when 6 weeks might be enough.

So know you know all there is to know about bar and bat mitzvah save the dates!

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